Thursday, December 5, 2013

Preach My Gospel

(Alyssa talking)

So as you guys can probably guess from the last blog update, we are pretty excited to go serve some missions soon!
Alyssa (myself) will be serving a mission in less than a year now! And Mac will be able to go serving in about a year and a half! Meagan and Sydney are both planning on going to serve missions as well, in fact Meagan has already started to set aside money so that she can save up enough money before her mission. Sydney is still young and saving every penny she finds on the road, between the couch cushions, and in the halls.
Anyways, we are all very excited and preparing in which ever way we seem fit for our lives at this point in time. Right now Mac and I are working on the Preach My Gospel study book to help us know our scriptures better and to just simply understand what the spirit is telling us all the time.
Last night I was studying the last chapter of the Book of Mormon because it was recommended in the Preach My Gospel study book. For those of you who don't know, the last chapter is Moroni chapter 10.  IT IS A FREAKING AWESOME CHAPTER! I found a scripture that really hit home too. I really liked it because it talked about daughters, and it came out of nowhere!

It was definitely there for me to read. I encourage you all to read that chapter and see what it means to you. Now, not only is that verse going to be forever with me, but the chapter too. This chapter was just so great!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013



Hey there, Alyssa speaking...well writing. So for those of you who do not know, boys in the LDS church are able to serve a mission at age 18, and girls at 19. This is a huge change that happened just in October of 2012. Before girls had to be 21, and boys had to be 19. Anyways, this news was huge in our family! All of us kids have always wanted to serve a mission when we got older, and with the age change being earlier, it just go that much easier! I actually remember thinking when I was young that girls and boys all had to serve a mission because both my parents wasn't till we moved to Colorado I realized that it was all your choice if you served or not. 
Anyways, my mom and I receive a fees emails from various missionaries. We currently have THREE missionaries from our homeward here in Colorado. The oldest, only has about four months before he gets home, and the letters he writes are extremely fun and energetic. He wants to be a missionary for forever, he said. He is currently serving in California. Then another missionary from our ward went out in October, he is serving in New York and is absolutely loving it. And we have our first Sister Missionary out in Panama! I love reading her e-mails because she sometimes puts in some spanish! And believe it or not, her sister has just turned in her papers to serve a mission too! It is crazy how many missionaries we could have out at the same time, if she goes on her mission before the oldest comes back that would be four missionaries form our ward alone out at the same time! 
Anyways, the Hermana (sister) in Panama said something in one of her e-mails that I would like to pass on. 

 (The picture is of Panama.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family Photo Shoot

We had our Christmas family pictures taken last night at Picture People.  I know, it's February.  We had lots of virus's running rampart through our house this last Christmas Season.  I think I cancelled three times before we made it in.  But...I'm very pleased with the results!  I hope you enjoy!
I decided to make the banner last minute, I love the way it turned out.  Yeah for Pinterest!
 After 18 years of marriage, we're still smiling!  I love that man!
 Mac and Alyssa were less obedient.  I told everyone to wear orange or brown.  There's a brown stripe or two in Mac's shirt and Alyssa claims her necklace is orange.  But in the end, it was the perfect amount of orange.
 I don't know if you know this...but orange is my favorite color!
By the end, you have to get a photo like this one.  Otherwise it wasn't a successful photo shoot!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hostess Mission!

This is Alyssa (Jeni's daughter) Writing. I am trying to serve an LDS mission.
I am selling Hostess shirts to be able to come up with the money for it.
You guys can comment to let me know if you guys want one. :)

These are super fun and super cute! Let me know if you want one please :)

Sweat Shirt: $30
Long Sleeve: $25
Short Sleeve: $20
Tank Top: $15

You can contact me through the email: "".

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happy Halloween!

All our kids were super heroes! They all had a blast! Meagan was the Hulk from Marvel, Mac was Green Lantern, and Alyssa and Sydney were both Wonder Woman from DC.

Alyssa did Meagan's hair and green paint, she spent so long trying to take all the green off! Sydney used a costume that she got for Christmas (Who wants to play dress up with a princess dress? Super heroes are much cooler!), that just so happened to be Wonder Woman, one of her favorites.

Mac and Alyssa decided to be super heroes too. They got together with a few of their friends and coordinated so that they could all be the Justice League! They went to the dance and won the costume contest! It was all about the poses! You can't really tell through these pictures, but the top picture is JUST after they heard the news that they won, Josh is still jumping up and down. The bottom picture is right after the ward's Trunk or Treat. The youth were in charge so right after they finished cleaning, they were off to meet Azure, the Supergirl of the group at the dance. They all enjoyed their time at the dance and can't wait to all hang out again!

We also all went out to Chipotle for dinner because they were handing out $2 burritos if you were in costume! It was great! We actually saved over $15 on our family's meal, which is saying something because we don't normally even spend that much if we go out to eat.

Over all, we all had a great Halloween.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Alyssa Turned 17!

This is crazy, my oldest daughter Alyssa turned 17 on the 25th. This means that I only get 7 more years with kids in the house! I can't believe it! Every time I think about it i go a little bit into shock. Where did the time go?
Anyways, she ended up deciding on having a "cow" themed party. I know, she's awesome. I mean come on! A cow party for her 17th birthday! I love decorating for parties with themes. My daughter Sydney recently had a Captain America themed party, and we had a blast getting things ready all "super-heroed-up". And get this, all of her friends enjoyed having a cow themed party. Who would have guessed. She got compliments all night on the decorations.

We ended up just decorating everything cows, instead of basing the entire party off of cows. We had an outdoor movie theater with a projector and a screen we borrowed from some friends.

Then the kids watched Bedtime Stories. Once the movie was over all the kids went to the park.

They played Red-Rover and Sardines. So fun! Don't worry, they came only came back with minor injuries, (just a broken nose...not my daughter again) no big deal!

We don't even know what happened here, but i love that all three of my girls were laughing together.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sydney turned 10 today!!! She had a Captain America party last Friday at the pool. Nearly every gift of hers was Captain America. She loved it! Here are some pictures from her party.

        And this is my absolute favorite.

Monday, July 9, 2012

"I am grateful for Young Women leaders who go to girls camp and, without shampoo, showers, or mascara, turn smoky, campfire testimony meetings into some of the most riveting spiritual experiences those girls—or those leaders—will experience in their lifetime."

Girls Camp has always been my own private Spiritual Retreat.  No technology, just me, 150 Young Women and Leaders and nature.  Where else will you feel the Spirit of the Lord so strongly as when you are among His greatest traditions.

This year we will celebrate a century of Young Women camp. Young Women camp was developed as a response to a need for summer work for the young women of the Young Ladies’ Mutual Improvement Association (the name of the Young Women organization from 1904 to 1937).

Camp—A Favorite Activity

Since 1912, many Young Women camps have been established and dedicated all around the world. A camp with the most basic and simple accommodations can become a sacred place where the Spirit of the Lord is present, where daughters of God put the principles of the gospel into practice, and where the glorious blessings of nature are appreciated in happy ways.
All over the world, young women like yourselves are enjoying the experience of camping. In Africa, one of the first camps was held at a chapel, where the young women slept on the grass and learned to cook on an electric stove. In other places, camp is held on the beach or in the jungle or in the mountains. Wherever camp is held, one thing is sure: young women love to go to camp! When asked about the favorite part of the Young Women experience in general, the majority of young women I have visited with say, “Camp!” Why is this a favorite? What happens at camp that makes this such a memorable experience?
Camp has always been a favorite activity because it is at camp that you can establish a mini home. Your tent becomes your home, and there you can gather all the essentials you need to be happy and comfortable and progressing. At camp you can discover that the Lord is great. He has provided this beautiful earth for us to enjoy and preserve. At camp, you learn that you really don’t need much to be happy. You leave your makeup and music behind and learn to become self-sufficient. You learn the importance of a strong, healthy body so you can climb mountains and swim in the ocean or in streams. You learn that the scriptures can speak to you very personally, and you also experience what it feels like to be still and to listen to the song of a bird or to the voice of the Spirit, sometimes for the first time.

All information gathered came from the June New Era, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012


We recently got back from vacation. Vacation was in Las Vegas, and San Diego!
How fun does that sound!?

One of the first things we saw in Vegas was
The Vegas Eiffel Tower!
Cool, huh?

That picture was actually taken over by the water show at
Which is exactly where we saw

the biggest Chocolate Fountain in the World!
We were absolutely amazed! A little disappointed we couldn't eat from it though!

Next we went over to San Diego.
We started off with the car ride their.

 And made it on our way to the LDS temple.
My husband, my two older kids, and my brother in law went to do some work there. They absolutely loved it, they didn't stop talking about how big it was considering that they've only been in the Denver Temple.

We went on a little cruise that we just happened to get discounts on! It was pretty cool! We were all very entertained by the view, but it seemed to me that my daughter was getting just a little sea-sick...But she kept a smile on her face because the view just happened to be that awesome!

Soon we went to the USS Midway. When you first pull up to the boat, the first thing you see is...
Got us all pretty excited as we actually boarded the ship.

The next day we went into a retired submarine...pretty awesome!

Over all we all had an extremely fun packed vacation, and traveled immensely exhausted back home. I don't think hardly anybody could keep their eyes open in the car ride home. Thank goodness!

Sydney Allen

Sydney Allen
Where are we off to now daddy??

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